Silver City’s Give Grandly 2024 a smashing success

May 13, 2024

As an example of individuals in the community pitching in, she said each year there is a woman who comes to donate a giant bag of change she saves up every year to donate to the nonprofits.

Entrance to Give Grandly 2024

Silver City, New Mexico, is a mountain community full of pride that bills itself as convenient to the outdoors, a unique arts and entertainment community, and vibrant small-town living.


GIve Grandly is run by the Grant County Community Foundation to help Silver City nonprofits raise money to fund their missions by holding an annual fundraiser event that unites the nonprofits and rallies the community in a family-friendly festival downtown.

Joseph Kennedy and Holly Noonan of Crooked Forest Institute


A record 65 nonprofits participated in the event. “Give Grandly is Southwest New Mexico’s largest and most inclusive communal fundraiser,” Smith said. “This year we have a generous match fund, donors contributing from around the world, and just look,” she said, pointing to attendees enjoying themselves at the various booths, “our whole community wins, and we couldn’t be prouder. We talk about this all year!”

Old Town Frame Company

How it works

“Give Grandly was born from the legacy of the New Mexico state government event, ‘Give Grande’ in 2014,” said Smith. “It was a state-wide communal fundraiser, and when the state didn’t continue it, we decided it would be great to try locally.”

The Give Grandly festival gathers nonprofits serving Grant, Luna, Catron, and Hidalgo counties and has a unique strategy for the nonprofits.

Each participating nonprofit appears on the Give Grandly Donation Form. By holding the event on one day, it draws attention from the four counties and encourages community philanthropy.

“We make it family-friendly and like that are things for kids to see and do,” said Smith, “and they get to learn how important community support is. The festival makes our nonprofits high visibility, we discuss it all year, and believe that’s why we’re so successful.”

Match Fund

“This year the Community Foundation was able to raise and organize a ‘match fund pool,’” said Smith, “and that means when any of our 65 participating nonprofits are able to raise at least $500, we will match the $500, meaning they can all raise  $1,000, and that means we expect our nonprofits to collectively raise at least $65,000 this year.”


As each nonprofit works on its fundraising, they also have individuals who volunteer to be a fundraiser for them.

“The individual fundraisers make a big difference,” Smith said. “What people do is volunteer, share it with their personal networks, across their social media, and it has a multiplier effect. The nonprofits are able to reach people they may never have otherwise encountered.”

Anisa Brabson, Girl Scouts

The spirit of community support

Smith said Silver City and the surrounding counties are a community of support.

“It’s not just about giving money, it’s about our whole community engaging in grassroots philanthropy, and that makes ripples in the community fabric. People are thinking about it, participating in it, and making our whole community stronger for it,” Smith said with a smile. 


Smith said that the networking that happens between participating nonprofits that may not have encountered each other otherwise allows for a bit of serendipity, and spirit carries over to individual community members, too.

Silver City Museum

As an example of individuals pitching in, she said each year there is a woman who comes to donate a giant bag of change she saves up every year to donate to the various nonprofits.

“We’re also thankful to have the support of larger organizations and corporations. This event wouldn’t be as successful as it is without them,” Smith said.

Pattern Energy’s SunZia Wind is honored to be a sponsor of this year’s Give Grandly festival. 

Opportunities to still donate and the future

People interested in donating can go to the Give Grandly website and make donations through May 20, 2024.

In summing up Give Grandly’s legacy and future Smith said,  “Everyone is building community sustainability together, and these nonprofits fill service gaps. We’re very proud of our success, and expect to keep growing and helping keep our community strong for years to come.”