Investing in New Mexico
An American company committed to New Mexico

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Through our partnership with Pattern, our farm became more of a self-sustaining enterprise. We’ve benefited enormously from the project. We are very grateful to have it.



Landowner Curry County,New Mexico


We Believe in New Mexico


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Billions invested into New Mexico over the next decade

Pattern is already responsible for New Mexico’s largest renewable power investment and we are expanding. Once complete, we will have invested nearly $10 billion in New Mexico over a 10 year period.

What does this mean for New Mexico

We hire local people and we work with communities to create long-lasting partnerships for New Mexicans.

Wind energy is great for the rural community. Pattern putting in these wind turbines and transmission lines and adding to the income of ranchers is really keeping a lot of the ranches in their families. They’re not having to sell their cattle, they’re not having to sell their ranch. They’ve got enough supplemental income to get them through the rough years. The economics of rural New Mexico can get tough, especially for young people to go out and make a living. There’s not a lot of opportunities. I foresee some stability in the income over generations.

Manager, Bill King Ranch

Commitment to Community

Each year we contribute millions of dollars through our Community Giving and Community Benefit Programs. Likewise, tax revenues from our projects fund schools and other local priorities, such as fire departments and other first responders. 

Our Broadview and Grady Wind Power Facilities in Curry County, and Western Spirit and SunZia Wind projects in the central part of the state already generating billions in positive economic impact and put New Mexicans to work.

Our roads were in bad shape, but the funding from the wind farm, provided over the span of two decades, allows our communities and county to repair and maintain them for a long time to come.


Curry County Manager

Commitment to Education

Central to our commitment is support for education through programs such as the New Mexico’s Governor’s STEM Challenge, KidWind, and Mesalands Community College, which has supplied several wind turbine technicians for our New Mexico facilities.

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Contributions to National Security

Locally produced energy is crucial to our national energy independence and Pattern Energy has a long history of working closely with our armed forces. That mission continues in New Mexico where we enjoy great cooperation with the local military installations.

Energy for Generations

Pattern Energy is a leading renewable energy company that develops, constructs, owns, and operates high quality wind and solar generation, transmission, and energy storage facilities. Our mission is to transition the world to renewable energy. We achieve this mission through sustainable development and responsible operation of our facilities, which includes respect for the environment, communities, and cultures where we have presence.