Grady Wind


Located in Eastern New Mexico’s Curry County, Grady Wind represents one of Pattern Energy’s newest investments in the state and harvests a portion of New Mexico’s vast world-class wind resource. Together with the adjacent Broadview Wind facility, also in Curry County, Grady Wind represents the largest clean power investment in the history of New Mexico.

Commercial Operation: 2019

$1.2 Billion Economic Impact

650 Construction Jobs at Peak

18 Full-time Permanent Jobs

220 Megawatt Capacity

Project Location



   Wind Project

    Transmission Line




   Wind Project

    Transmission Line

Economic Benefits 


  • Approximately $1.6 billion in regional impacts, including indirect and induced impacts
  • Approximately $191.2 million in locally sourced construction expenditures
  • A 52% increase in construction jobs from what was estimated previously in 2015, during the construction phases of the Grady and Broadview Wind facilities
  • Grady Wind is specially designed to minimize impacts to local habitats for the Lesser Prairie Chicken and Pattern is proud to contribute to the conservation and preservation of this iconic species and its habitat

Pattern Energy New Mexico Stories

Murals of Tucucmcari

Tucucmcari is easy to like. Everyone here is friendly, and when you stop moving, put down the phone and really listen, the place feels timeless.

A Marine and his $120K USMC Motorcycle

For a long time, The Gunny sat in the USMC Museum until its owner had decided it was time for him to sell it. He had one condition: He would only sell to another USMC Veteran. Duplantis and the owner came to an agreement

Clovis Back to School Bash

On August 7, 2021, the Curry County and Clovis Chamber of Commerce hosted a Back to School Bash at the Clovis Civic Center.

Aerial of Tucucmcari HS grads street art

Each graduating class has painted a section of the street in celebration.

Here then, a short treat: Aerial footage of the street art directly in front of Tucucmcari High School’s gymnasium, created by graduating seniors. 

Bootleg Fire Department levels up with donation

The Bootleg FD recently held a luncheon for their firefighters, families and guests to celebrate the donation of $34,000 to their fire department by Pattern Energy.

ENMU strengthening New Mexico through scholarships

Oftentimes the scholarships made a difference between a student having a meal plan or not having one, or buying books or not buying books. In this way, the student’s family is helped, and the state as a whole wins.

NM State Fair: Meet the NM State Police Bomb Squad

The Bomb Squad is also known as EOD, which stands for, “Explosives and Ordnance Disposal.”

In the day-to-day real world, when an explosive device or bomb is found, this is the team that puts themselves in harm’s way to make sure no one gets hurt.

The Pink Bus

Curious, I walked over to take a look and ran into Sarah Love, the founder of The Pink Bus, a 503c(3) non profit dedicated to helping people with food insecurity and other necessities.

Salsa Steel welcomes you to the New Mexico State Fair

As I made my way through the Purple Gate to enter the Fair, I was greeted by the sound of steel drums being played by two of the members of Salsa Steel, a steel drum band out of Silver City, New Mexico.

Meet the state fair Ambassadogs

The Ambassadogs (and their friends) of the SCCV at the State Fair.I was walking down Main Street and ran into the Official Ambassadogs of the New Mexico State Fair! The Southwest Canine Corps of Volunteers, Inc. is a non-profit located in Albuqeurque. Their work is...