Broadview Wind


Located in Eastern New Mexico’s Curry County, Broadview Wind represents the largest clean power investment in the history of New Mexico and harvests a portion of the state’s world-class wind resource. In addition to providing significant employment opportunities for Curry County, Broadview will generate an economic impact of $1.2 billion, according to a report created by the professional services firm Moss Adams.

2017 Commercial Operation 

$1.2 Billion Economic Impact

650 Construction jobs at peak

18 Full-time Permanent Jobs

325 Facility Megawatt Capacity 

181 Turbines

Project Location



   Wind Project

    Transmission Line




   Wind Project

    Transmission Line


Economic Benefits 


  • Approximately $1.6 billion in regional impacts, including indirect and induced impacts, the project creates where the original estimate was about $980 million


  • Approximately $191.2 million in locally sourced construction expenditures, which was much higher than anticipated and provides some of the most direct and easily measurable economic impacts to the local community


  • A 52% increase in construction jobs, from what was estimated previously in 2015, during the construction phases of Broadview Wind facilities

Permit Application


On March, 2018, Pattern Energy submitted a location control application to the PRC for the Corona Wind Projects to be located near Corona in Lincoln County. Materials related to this application can be found below.

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