National Audubon Society CEO Dr. Elizabeth Gray on how to overcome the climate crisis

Dr. Elizabeth Gray, CEO, National Audubon Society

April 14, 2023

U.S. Climate Action Summit Spotlight Session, “Faster. Cleaner. Stronger: Breaking barriers to turn ideas into infrastructure”

1. Why is Audubon prioritizing the climate crisis?

The climate crisis is existential — for birds and all life on Earth. Since 1970, North America has lost a staggering three billion birds. Birds and their habitats are keystones of many ecosystems. Protecting birds is essential to protecting us all. 

Since our inception nearly 120 years ago, our members have been at the forefront of environmental action — from fighting to prevent the “Silent Spring” in the 1960s to driving the advancement of the Clean Air and Water Acts and other critical conservation frameworks. Today, two-thirds of North American bird species are vulnerable to extinction if global temperatures continue to rise. Lowering emissions and slowing the rate of global temperature rise will save billions of birds and our own communities.

Our organization is focused on overcoming the climate crisis. We are eager to work across sectors to deliver solutions, from rapidly and safely bringing new renewable energy online to protecting critical habitats. Sponsorship of events like the U.S. Climate Action Summit provides us an opportunity to listen, learn, and, most importantly, advance partnerships that meet this challenge.

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