Dawn in New Mexico

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When I considered moving to New Mexico, a big point in its favor was the outdoors. I’ve lived in several cities and know the pain of wanting to be in nature, but have had to navigate endless sprawl to get to it. 

 “Perfectly framed between pines, the very first rays of the Sun raced across the sky, announcing another glorious day.”

In Albuquerque, I wake up in the morning greeted by the Sandias. I love it. If you’ve been following my story from the beginning, you’ll recall I was greeted by a local Burqueño and amateur photographer- he told me I had to get into the Sandias for the dawn.

I had just replaced my old Wrangler with a newer used car and needed to experience it myself. 

The next morning I got up around 4:15 am, and headed out for the Sandias.

A short 40 minutes later, I was at the 10K trailhead, (so named for the elevation), got out of the car, hiked in a little, and waited. 

There is power in the dawn.

It was dark. I stood, patiently.


I let my senses attune to the environment. I let the city and the rest of my worries slide away.

I was present, in the moment. 

I breathed deeply. 

The sky was black; then it was less so. 

I heard animals move in the brush. Songbirds and ravens woke, united in song, trumpeting to the world. They were ready for the day. 

Slowly, ever so slowly, the sky started to lighten, and I moved myself to a good vantage point just off the trail and waited. What greeted me was the photo you see at the top of this paragraph. 

Perfectly framed between pines, the very first rays of the Sun raced across the sky, announcing another glorious day, here to be lived, a visual masterpiece any lover of the dawn knows intimately, yet is in awe of every time, and the feeling it imprints on the soul can only be experienced in person. (I have always thought ‘Sogno Di Volare’ appropriate)

New Mexico is draped in astounding natural beauty, and I feel lucky to be here. 

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