Aerial of Tucumcari HS grads street art

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It was early afternoon, and my next appointment in Tucumcari wasn’t for another two hours.

I wanted to go see the local high school. It was the middle of summer, and I didn’t expect to see much activity but wanted to see as much of this great town as I could before I left in a few days.

A snippet of some art from the video.

As I turned a corner, I saw paint over on the next street. I stopped and took a look- at first I wasn’t sure if it was wet and I didn’t want to drive over it.

Next to the street, two local boys were playing basketball. They saw me looking, and one of them yelled, “It ain’t wet!” and they both started laughing at me. I couldn’t blame them.

I gave a friendly wave and pulled my truck around the corner and parked in the high school parking lot.

Another art snippet from the video.

When I pulled out my drone, the two boys took a stronger interest and instead of coming over to chat, yelled questions at me from the basketball court.

“Do you know why that art is there?” yelled one.

“We can tell you why!” yelled the other.

Now laughing, I walked over to my new friends and asked what the street art was about. They both looked to be somewhere between 12-14, and were eager to fill me in. (I also think they wanted a look at my drone.)

More art.

The boys told me that for the past few years, each graduating class has painted a section of the street in celebration.

Here then, is a short treat: Aerial footage of the street art directly in front of Tucucmcari High School’s gymnasium, created by graduating seniors.

Oh, and it’s not wet paint. You can walk on it.

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