Western Spirit

Virtual Groundbreaking Ceremony 


Wednesday, January 13th, 2021

With the start of construction of the largest wind farm in the state’s history — along with a 154-mile transmission line that will connect that wind power to Western United States energy markets — Western Spirit helps New Mexico further solidify its place as a leader in the country’s energy transition. 

In lieu of an in-person ceremony, state leaders, members of the Western Spirit project team, and other New Mexico leaders will join together for a virtual event to celebrate the project and its contributions to New Mexico’s workforce and economy.

Event Hosts

Mike Garland

CEO of Pattern Energy 

Sarah Webster

Vice President of Investor Relations, Government Relations, and Corporate Communications

Keynote Speakers

Martin Heinrich

Senator of New Mexico 

Cary Kottler

VP, North American Development  

Sarah Cottrell Propst

Cabinet Secretary of the Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department (EMNRD)

Bob Busch

RETA Board Chair

Kevin McCall

Torrance County Commissioner 

Shad Cox

NMSU Corona Range and Livestock Research Center

Stephanie Garcia Richard

New Mexico Commissioner of Public Land

Martin Adams

General Manager and Chief Engineer of Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

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